Nice to meet you!

Oh how I wish we could just sip coffee and chat.  Until then, here's a bit about me...

I'm Deb (obviously!) Wife. Mom. And crazy detail freak- just ask my fam!

I've always had a penchant for pretty and an obsession with order. Maybe I was born with it...  As a child, mom's pantry was a favorite place to hang out- putting "like with like" and giving everything a home. I know- thrilling right? 

Like most organizers, I landed here after a background in several different careers, all of which were great prepping grounds for this unique type of work.  For many years I worked for one of Seattle's top wedding planners, coordinating weddings for many couples including Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Sounders and regular folk like you and me.  This honed my eye for attention to detail since everything had to be picture-perfect. Behind the scenes is where I do my best work, making sure the couple's special day was everything they  had dreamt of.


I've also worked as a dental hygienist for decades.  Dentistry is all about the details; creativity- not so much.  I gently "cleared clutter" from patients' mouths while teaching and encouraging them without making them feel bad for not flossing!  It's here I've learned compassion and sensitivity to how vulnerable patients can feel. My greatest rewards have been helping fearful patients gain trust to become happy, healthy ones.




My whole life I've been creatively organizing anything I can get my hands on.  Details by Deb was birthed in 2015 out of an insatiable desire to help stuck people get unstuck. There's nothing better than seeing clients' relief when we conquer their impossible project. And honestly, it makes no difference whether I'm organizing a mansion or dusty old garage; bringing calm from chaos gives me crazy joy! (Yep this is that look.)

As we declutter the spaces that clutter your mind, please know that you're in safe hands.  I approach each project with carefulness and confidentiality. I'm licensed, insured and a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing (NAPO.) I continue to take classes- from space design, eliminating excess, paper management, chronic disorganization, learning and thinking styles, etc. and I'm always eager to learn more.

​Who knew that wedding planning, dentistry and professional organizing had so much in common!   Opening up (whether it's your home, event, or mouth) takes courage to let me care for the things you can't or don't have time for. I get to partner with you in claiming victory over your stuff and taking pride in the place you call home. What a cool privilege.

And speaking of home... that's where my most challenging yet rewarding career has been as wife and mom raising our two amazing human beings.  My husband Don cares for our community as a firefighter paramedic. He's a patient man and lets me volunteer him for everything under the sun.  Our son Jake serves in the U.S. Air Force Reserves and lives in Camas, Washington with his sweet wife Emma.  Our daughter Emma (how special it is to have two daughters named Emma:) !) attends George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon and will be getting married after she and her fiancé John finish college this year. So we embrace this new season of life with a blur of memories and hearts full of gratitude. We're awfully proud parents and excited to watch their futures unfold. And maybe a touch sad too... where did all this time go?


But now that my time's more my own, I'm ready to help. Let's edit away the excess and bring back some simple clarity; keep what's useful and brings you joy.  Let go of the "what-ifs" and "maybe some days" and "but my great-aunt Nellie gave that to me."  I promise you, you'll feel a million pounds lighter as you do.  Don't let stuff steal your joy and your time any longer.  I want you to experience the abundant life. More purpose. Less stuff. 

Let's clear the clutter and get on with enjoying your precious peeps. 

We got this!


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