Frequently asked questions

What is a professional organizer?

Like a doctor for your home, a professional organizer diagnoses, prescribes and treats a home’s organizing challenges, teaches new skills and habits resulting in a more peaceful home environment.

Home organizers are described by a combination of titles and traits: project manager, cheerleader, house stylist, personal shopper, housekeeper, teacher, therapist, problem solver, pain reliever, accountability partner and change agent.


Simply said, we get house stuff done and teach you how to maintain it. 

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What are your specific niche areas?

Kitchens | Closets | Garages | Attics | Basement | General Home Organizing | Household Management | Student Spaces | Children's Rooms | Home Pre-Staging | Move Management | Unpacking from a Move | Downsizing | Home Offices | Paper Management | Craft Rooms | Memorabilia | Collections | Restyling | Space Planning | Chronic Disorganization

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If your specific need isn't listed here, I invite you to visit, where I'm also a member, to find an or organizer suited for your project. There’s help for every situation!

My first priority is always decluttering and organizing a space. After everything has a home where the useful and loved items remain, the real fun begins. Styling a room can involve rearranging furniture, shopping other rooms of the home, and purchasing accent pieces to pull together a cohesive well-designed space. My organizing style is grounded in good design with a hint of minimalism. From stand-alone projects, to working through entire homes, my goal is to meet yours.

Maybe a life transition like a new baby, retirement, or a parent's passing necessitates a helping hand to get new systems and spaces in place. I can organize a nursery, repurpose a room for a new hobby or compassionately sort through a loved ones' belongings.

Some people struggle with chronic disorganization and the clutter piles feel insurmountable. Maybe 

organizing skills weren't modeled growing up or a specific brain "glitch" makes the process challenging. But there is hope! These skills can be learned and clutter can finally be kicked to the curb. I love empowering these clients to work through their home's pain points at a comfortable pace, creating calm and order as we go.

Will you make me get rid of my things?

Never!  Your things are your things and I simply don't have that right. Though I think it's safe to assume that since you're asking for help, you're wanting "less" in your life. My process is to ask lots of questions to guide you to the answers yourself. I may strongly encourage purging or reducing the number of certain items SO THAT you can experience the peace and calm that comes from the "less is more" mindset. Whatever you choose, there's no judgement. I'm simply here to accomplish YOUR goals!

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How long will my project take?

It depends. There are several things that factor into this: how large the space is, how many individual items need sorting (papers are the slowest), how quickly you can make decisions regarding your items, how much interaction and hands-on assistance you provide, what "done" looks like to you, etc. As a general guide, a typical reach-in closet could take around 3 hours, a kitchen re-organization about 4 hours. But again there's too many variables to plan exactly.  


Since I've been referred to as an "energizer bunny" at times, I've learned to match clients' pace and energy levels. I encourage you to take breaks as needed during our sessions; I want our time together to be both productive AND manageable. 

How much will it cost?

Projects are charged by the hour with four-hour minimum work sessions. Please contact me for current rates. I accept the following payment forms: cash, check, debit or credit card (+3% processing fee) payable at the end of each session.

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How does this work?
Contact me by email, phone or text to set up a complimentary consultation where we'll talk challenges, goals, expectations, budget and timelines. Please resist the desire to tidy up; it's best to view your clutter choke-points just as they are. I also insist that we leave judgement and shame at the door. There's simply no room for this as we create forward momentum and positive change. As we declutter our homes, our minds become decluttered as well... so watch out for the ripple effect of new possibilities!

What should I expect?


For work sessions, dress comfortably and play your favorite music if that energizes you. Please have a working vacuum, some rags and cleaner available since it's nice to quickly clean shelves and floors as they're cleared. Resist the urge to buy any additional organizing bins for sorting; we usually end up with a large surplus as we purge. If we need specific containers for permanent storage, we can shop together online after our editing.

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It's most effective to work together for the entire session. At the least, I need input for the decluttering portion since I can't make decisions on what's kept or discarded. I can then finish the organizing portion on my own if needed. At the end of each work session, you're always left with a tidy space and next steps or optional "homework."