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//  home sweet home... again  //

This project combined sorting and purging dozens of boxes, organizing and rearranging a client’s furnishings after moving back in after a complete remodel.  

//  more blessed to give than receive  //

I was thrilled to lend my organizing and dental skills to Rancho Sordo Mudo, a Christian boarding school for deaf children in Mexico.  Students and staff can now be cared for in a safe, clean environment. This project was dear to my heart!!!

//  no job too massive...//

The bigger the mess, the sweeter the result.

//  corralling the clutter  //

A couple hours work makes all the difference.

//  unburying the basement  //

This multiple-use space was a magnet for messes.  Working alongside staff and volunteers, I pared things down and gave everything a home.

//  piles and pallets  //

This former farming operation now generates income as rental storage space instead of sitting idle. You can see that I'm definitely not afraid to get my hands dirty!

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