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H o m e ...

4 simple letters, yet so many meanings and emotions.

What does the word home conjure up for you?

Is it home sweet home?

A place of hospitality. A culture of belonging. An environment that fosters love and connection.

An atmosphere of contentment. A heart of gratitude. An acceptance of enough.

An abode you’re proud to call your own. A reflection of who you are. A space to be yourself.

A sanctuary from the world. A relaxing end to a busy day. A recharge for weary bodies.

A calm from the storm. A reassurance that everything's going to be okay. A healing touch for the wounded.

An incubator for ideas. A launching pad for family to spread their wings. A space that promotes flourishing.

A place of fun. A roomful of laughter. A connector of people.

🤍🤍 A home sweet home inspires, heals, and protects. All who enter love to linger. 🤍🤍

Or is it home stressful home?

A burden you can’t keep up with. A constant clean-up effort. A heaviness that weighs you down.

A storage space filled to the brim. A shrine of undealt with memorabilia. An excess accumulation of life’s busyness.

A rhythm-less schedule. A storage shortage. A space conundrum.

A deterrent to family unity. An un-invitation to family and friends. A depressing environment.

A cold, lifeless building. An awkward collection of family hand-me downs. A blank slate that lacks personality.

A distraction from the important things. A roadblock to your dreams. An obstacle to thriving.

☹︎ ☹︎ Maybe one or more of these resonate with you. Maybe so deeply that it takes the breath right out of you. ☹︎ ☹︎

I see you. You are not alone. And there is hope.

You don't have to stay hostage in your own home. On the other side of clutter, unfinished projects, and overwhelming paralysis, there is freedom.

Though I can’t promise you all the things in the first list, I can promise you this...



By attending to even one of these stressors, your home will start to look and feel a little more like home sweet home.

The good stuff waits on the other side. Let’s journey together in living lighter.


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