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What's your WHY?

(This is the second post in a three-part series. To read the first post, click here.)

If you’ve named your WHAT, now it’s time for a deeper dive.

Decluttering and living a more organized life may be your intentions but WHY?

WHY is it worth the work to get organized? What specific goals are worth doing this work for? Here's some to get you thinking...

I want to:

⌂ Have less stuff to manage

⌂ Make my home function better

⌂ Reduce my anxiety over my clutter

⌂ Find things easier

⌂ Pass on organizing skills to my kids

⌂ Save money by not buying misplaced items again

⌂ Enjoy life versus manage stuff

⌂ Reduce the burden on my family when I'm gone

⌂ Travel more and be tethered less to my stuff

⌂ Get ready for an upcoming move

⌂ Feel proud of my home

I really wish I could:

⌂ Park the car in the garage

⌂ Enjoy meals around the table

⌂ Find my keys easily, every time

⌂ Pay my bills on time, every time

⌂ Have room for guests to stay–in the guest room

⌂ Invite kids’ friends over to play

⌂ Have a plan for all the papers lying around

⌂ Create space for my

This list is just to get your started. Get as granular as possible in naming your WHY. Write it out and slap it on your fridge. It's almost inevitable that once you start decluttering, distractions will take you down some rabbit holes. So let your WHY keep you focused on your efforts to accomplish that goal.

You and your family are worth it!

What's that thing you've been craving for your and your family?

What's your WHY? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below.

📸: Nick De Partee on Unsplash


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